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March 2011

St. Jane, Woman of Humility

“The Salesian Jesus,” says Wendy Wright, “is perhaps best seen in a passage in Matthew’s gospel which presents the Lord as inviting all to come and learn from him for he is gentle and humble of heart.” For Jesus these are radical virtues capable of challenging the values of the world. At their very first […]

St. Jane, Woman of Gentleness

Gentleness in dealing with others is one of the hallmarks of Salesian Spirituality. It is a foundational virtue for Jane and Francis that allows Christians to interact with others in a spirit of kindness and patience. For Jane, gentleness and humility were inextricably bound together. Jesus’ humble and gentle heart is our model in seeking […]

St. Jane, Woman of Suppleness

This image of God shaping the individual is present throughout Scripture: the image of God the potter and of us his clay, God forming and knowing us even in our mothers’ wombs, the Psalmists crying to God to be shaped and reformed. St. Jane de Chantal uses these images to help us understand God’s work […]