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April 2011

A Collection of Thoughts from St. Jane: 2

  Presence of God: “To feel God’s presence so intimately and powerfully, so that you are no longer aware of yourself is to have that little drop of water, self, dissolve in the ocean of divinity.” Moderation: “Kindness, gentleness, and support, as well as generosity, do much for instilling moderation in our souls.” God’s Will: […]

A Collection of Thoughts from St. Jane: 1

  Peace of Heart  “Live joyously and serenely with whatever our Lord will do with you and for you.” Quiet Recollection: “We must keep our hearts open and wait for the heavenly dew to fall, because the graces of prayer are not like water welling up from the earth, but more like water coming down […]

St. Jane, Woman of Steadfast Faith

Jane was surely the seventeenth century model for the valiant woman of Proverbs. Highly gifted with a deep thirst for knowing and loving God, she never gave up listening closely to what God wanted from her. She never lost faith in God to guide her, and never lost the belief that she, a woman who […]