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May 2011

More on Prayer

On Prayer St. Francis de Sales: “We must strive to seek in God only love of His beauty and not pleasure found in the beauty of His love.  If someone prays to God and perceives that he is praying, he is not perfectly attentive to his prayer.  He diverts his attention from God to whom […]

Visitation’s Motto: Live+Jesus

 The following excerpt from St. Francis de Sales  is the one on which is based the motto of Salesian spirituality, “Live Jesus.”  Francis wrote to Mme. De Limonjon the following,  “Keep in mind the main lesson Jesus left us in three words so that we would never forget it and could repeat it a hundred […]

Perspective on Prayer

St. Francis de Sales says: ” Prayer does not depend on thoughts and reflections.  Prayer is a simple attention of our spirit to God; the more simple and free it is from emotion, the more it is prayer.”(Spiritual Conferences) St. Jane de Chantal tells us, “For prayer, we need only to keep ourselves simply and calmly […]