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May 2011

Leadership in the Salesian Tradition

 Read the booklet “Leadership in the Salesian Tradition”, online, here: http://www.oblates.org/spirituality/online_articles/leadership_in_tradition.pdf

Salesian Spirituality Meant for Ordinary Walks of Life

Ever heard the phrase, “Grow where you’re planted?” How about, “The only time you have is each present moment,” or “Keep things in perspective”? These phrases, along with many others, comes from the writings of St. Francis de Sales, a bishop and doctor of the Church who lived in the 1600’s in France. St. Francis […]

Despite Family Troubles, Life of Holiness Was Pursued by St. Jane de Chantal

Centuries ago, a French noblewoman whose husband had died suddenly was troubled in heart. He had been killed in a hunting accident, and she found it difficult to forgive the one responsible. Besides that, she was nearly forced to live in the estate of her father-in-law, a manipulative man whose servant-mistress treated her and her […]