Perspective on Prayer

On Prayer

St. Francis de Sales says: ” Prayer does not depend on thoughts and reflections.  Prayer is a simple attention of our spirit to God; the more simple and free it is from emotion, the more it is prayer.”(Spiritual Conferences)

On Prayer

St. Jane de Chantal tells us, “For prayer, we need only to keep ourselves simply and calmly attentive to God by breathing aspirations of love without voluntary distractions.  The whole time we are thus present before Him will be taken for a prayer in God’s sight.” (Conference, On Excellence of Prayer)

“The great method for mental prayer is simply this: that there is no method.  When the Holy Spirit takes charge of the person who is meditating, He does with the soul as He pleases, and all rules and methods vanish.  In the hands of God the soul must become like clay in the hands of a potter who can form from it any kind of dish he wishes.  Or the soul must become like soft wax receptive to the impression of a seal; or like a blank sheet upon which the Holy Spirit may write His divine will.”


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