Visitation’s Motto: Live+Jesus

Our Motto

 The following excerpt from St. Francis de Sales  is the one on which is based the motto of Salesian spirituality, “Live Jesus.”  Francis wrote to Mme. De Limonjon the following,

 “Keep in mind the main lesson Jesus left us in three words so that we would never forget it and could repeat it a hundred times a day: ‘Learn of me,’ He said, ‘that I am gentle and humble of heart.’  That says it all: to have a heart gentle towards one’s neighbor and humble toward God.  At every moment give this heart, the very heart of your heart, to our Savior.  You will see that as this divine, delicate Lover takes His place in your heart, the world with its vanities and superfluities will leave.”

St. Jane reminds us to be attentive to God’s presence in our beings.  She says, “Carry your soul.  Hold it.  Do not let it slip out of your hands that you may always have an eye to its movements.”

 This awareness extends both to  times before God in prayer and to  times serving God in our neighbor.  May all  of our actions show that “Live Jesus” is written on our hearts.

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