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With the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus coming soon on Friday, July 1, many Catholics are unaware that it was a Visitation Nun in France who, in the 1600s, received the unique favor of being visited by Our Lord Himself, who asked her to spread devotion to His Most Sacred Heart.

The Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary follows a “heart to heart” spirituality, meaning that it is more relational than others – one that has a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus at is very center.

Today, women who think they may have a vocation to the Order of the Visitation can take the Vocation Quiz on the website of the Second Federation of the Visitation.

The quiz asks various questions, such as whether the Catholic faith and a prayer life is important to them, as well as asking whether the Sisters’ daily regimen of prayer, work, solitude and other activities might be suited for them.

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