New Video Highlights Heroic Life of St. Jane de Chantal

A three-minute video that outlines the life of St. Jane Frances de Chantal has just been made that explains the difficulties in life that the saint experienced and her foundation, along with St. Francis de Sales, of the Visitation Order.

The video talks about such sufferings as the death of her husband when she was 28 and had five children to care for, and in the cruel treatment of her father-in-law. Photos of the castles where she lived are featured in the video, as well as music by Bach. The video was viewed 50 times in its first hour of publication.

Click on the video to the right, or go to Longsuffering Leader: the Life of St. Jane de Chantal on Gloria TV.

The video was produced by (Credits: Classical paintings, French castles,

Scene from video

Her mother died and Jane's father gave her an extraordinary education. (Scene from video)

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