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Sr. Mary Martha Chambon VHM

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  1. Valentina Kayombo says:

    It was 2010 when i heard a voice in the Eucharist adoration Church, in Dar es Salaam Tanzania saying ” MUOMBE SR. MARTHA” meaning ask Sr. Martha.

    For about one month i was trying contemplate who is Sr Martha.and what is so special with Sr. Martha. No one was able to answer my question even priests. one day , again in the same Eucharist adoration church i saw common prayer book lying there and i decided to open it randomly, and found myself opening page 75, where there there was a message that Jesus gave to Sr. Martha Chambon in regard to Holy Wounds. Since then i have been praying, adoring,consecrating the Holy wounds, for several intention. from these prayers i have been:

    1. Granted an International Job In UN
    2.very Strong in interceding for others.
    3. Family trees have been healed through Holy Wound Consecration
    4. those who are addict of Drugs and Alcohol have been healed through Holly
    Wound Consecration.
    5. My children have been employed through the same prayers.
    6. Those who were possessed by demons, have been delivered through the same
    7. My daughter was denied to sit for final university Exam, by dedicating her
    to the holly wounds, she was amicably called to sit for the special final
    university exam.
    8. I feel that i have a special protection of the precious Blood Jesus of Jesus Christ.

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