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December 2011

Advent Meditations through Art 3 and 4

More original Art and Advent with Brother Mickey McGrath OSFS from our Minneapolis Visitation blog: http://www.visitationmonasteryminneapolis.org/2011/12/josephs-dream-advent-reflection/ http://www.visitationmonasteryminneapolis.org/2011/12/mystic-rose-advent-reflection/

Christmas Meditations from St. Francis de Sales

The following meditations are taken from the writings of St. Francis de Sales for Retreats. This meditative series is entitled: ON THE SUBMISSION OUR SAVIOR PRACTISED IN HIS DIVINE CHILDHOOD First Meditation: “Consider first the submission of this eternal Son to the will of His heavenly Father; seeing that He wished to save us He […]

Help Spread Our Message With New Facebook Buttons

In the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, who used the new media of printing to publish pamphlets to explain the faith, we have added several Facebook functions to our website. One of the two buttons that you see at the top of this post are “Like,” which allows you to like us from your […]