Reminisce with us-Video Pilgrimage to France

Credit goes to our Toledo Visitandines for this one (with their webmaster/producer, of course!)

Join our international Visitandines on their 400th anniversary in 2010 in France!

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  1. Barb Finnegan says:

    Hi Sisters! I just watched the video of your visit to Annecy, France in 2010 for your anniversary. Wonderful!

    I’ve been to Paray-le-Monial myself, in 2000. It was only for the day, and I was only able to visit the Visitation chapel with the tomb of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, and the nearby Jesuit chapel with the tomb of St. Claude de la Colombiere. But I loved being there! I also bought some items in the little gift shop which the Sisters ran-they were very sweet!

    In 1998, I made a five-day retreat at the Visitation in Phladelphia. Very nice-I had never spent time inside a convent before! I didn’t go for the purpose of figuring out if I had a vocation to the religious life-even after many years, I still don’t know what I am to do with my life. But I am glad to know that St. Francis de Sales designed the Visitation for us older women (I’m going to be 58 later this year), and those who are not of robust health.

    I have a few biographies of St. Francis de Sales, St. Jeanne de Chantal, and St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. St. Margaret Mary is one of my favorite Saints-she certainly suffered a lot in her life, both before and after she entered religious life!

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