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February 2012

Lenten Lessons for Religious

St. Jane de Chantal exhorted her Visitandine Sisters to grow toward perfect holiness by the means given them in their Congregation. She said, “ I can bring nothing before your eyes, in this holy time of Lent, my dear Sisters, nothing I say, more pressing than the obligation we are under of reaching forward to […]

Lenten Souls Of Prayer

St. Jane de Chantal: It is chiefly in this time of Lent that we are to apply ourselves to prayer, and we are to breathe recollectedness and mortification, even in our recreations. Let us advance in true virtue following our Lord in the desert, and praying, as he teaches us, that we enter not into […]

ARCHIVES: Guard of Honor – 2

God prepares His eminent works for long ages, as we see from Salvation History in the Holy Scriptures. This was no exception in the case of the future Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The Visitation Monastery of Bourg-en-Bresse- which was to be the cradle of this holy organization, was also prepared […]