Lenten Lessons for Religious

St. Jane de Chantal exhorted her Visitandine Sisters to grow toward perfect holiness by the means given them in their Congregation.

She said, “ I can bring nothing before your eyes, in this holy time of Lent, my dear Sisters, nothing I say, more pressing than the obligation we are under of reaching forward to perfection, for it is no child’s play. We are all, of free will, obliged thus to reach forward, by highly solemn vows; and it is not to a little perfection, but to the perfection of our vocation, and everyone holds that the perfection of the Visitation is among the greatest, purest, most solid and true in the world. This is most certain, for if our Blessed Father, who was acquainted with all states of perfection, had found one purer and higher, he would have given it to us.

In order to have the spirit of the Rule, we must practice it. Thereupon I pray you, my dear Sisters, that this holy time of Lent may not pass without your looking at your Rules, Constitutions and Book of Customs; we do not read them enough. My dear Sisters, we are so well instructed! Let us go then on our way with a fervor, and follow the Spirit which guides us, for it is sure.”

Source: Exhortation X For the Second Saturday of Lent

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