Salesian Spiritual Opportunities

We remind you of a great way to live Lent this year- with a Salesian online spiritual course.

Also, the first-ever SALESIAN CONVENTION will be held in St. Louis, Mo. Nov 2-4, 2012, so save the date!

The lay faithful are invited to join representatives of 8 different Salesian congregations and lay associations for a weekend of immersion in “Living Jesus” according to the spirit of St. Francis de Sales!

More information will be posted as the plans develop!

2 Responses to “Salesian Spiritual Opportunities”

  1. Katarina says:

    Dear sisters please pray for me Katarina, for my good healing, for my soul, I NEED KINGDOM OF GOD IN MY LIFE, i need peace in soul, peace in mind, peace in heart, i would like to live in without my poor country in better country on the world and i would like to have a good job and good work friends, i need good financial blessing for me and my life, i need new good people in my life, friends, i need Jesus help and protect, i need love, good future husband for me and my life, very happy and good and very blessing future marriage and children, i would like to be only very happy and have very happy and blessing life, please pray for me and my life…i need your prayers for me urgent and frequently….thanks, may God bless you now and always. Katarina

  2. Sue Roth says:

    Dear Sisters,
    I am not sure how to contact you more directly for this prayer request, so I will post it here…
    Please pray for Robert. I have been corresponding with him for about 14 years. He is on death row in Arizona, and is scheduled to be executed on Feb. 29. Pray for God to provide him with “the peace that passes understanding”. His only hope at this point is to have his sentence commuted as he has exhausted all of his appeals. His crime was so brutal that his chances of commutation are essentially nonexistent.
    Thank you, and God bless you.

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