Holy Week with St. Francis de Sales


Let’s live this holiest of weeks with St. Francis de Sales, remembering and reflecting on his words about Our Lord’s Passion, preached on Good Friday in 1622.

St. Francis de Sales began: ” I will take for my subject only the words of the title that Pilate had inscribed on the Cross: Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews. In this title are implied all the causes of this divine Passion.

Jesus means Savior. Now He died because He was a Savior. He was a Nazarene. This word means “flourishing”, that is, holy and innocent, without stain of sin, but flourishing with all sorts of virtues and perfections.

King of the Jews means He is both Savior and King. To redeem those who confess Him, He died.

But could God not have provided a remedy other than that of His Son’s death? Certainly, He could have done so. But He did not will to do so, for what may seem sufficient for our salvation was not sufficient for His Love.”

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