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March 2012

Chat Room Highlights

Guest: These days, monastic life is rarely spoken of in parishes, at least the ones I’ve attended. Other than a few flyers and the occasional prayer for vocations, we didn’t hear anything at all. I still think it’s valid to have Sisters go to parishes to speak, because otherwise, no one will know what a […]

St. Francis de Sales: 2nd Sunday of Lent

“Sweetness and consolation are what we persistently desire, but it is the bitter taste of dryness that is profitable. St. Peter would gladly have dwelt upon Mt. Tabor, though he fled from Calvary, but was not the greater work for us done upon the latter? And did not the bloodshed there do more for us […]

Traveling to France? Visit the Visitation Museum!

The Musee de la Visitation is a unique museum in Moulins, France, exhibiting the artisitic embroideries and precious vessels of Visitation Monasteries throughout the world. This coming May 2012 an exhibit entitled Sacred Silks will be featured, and a beautifully photographed catalog will be released. Sacred Silks Precious Fabrics in the Visitation Museum of the […]