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March 2012

Sunday’s Chat Highlights

Guest1.: Sister, are you there? Mar 18 2012, 7:21 PM Sister : Yes Hi! What an insightful week I had  Guest 1: Please tell me all about it, I’d love to hear!  Sister : If the dissertation is true, St Francis de Sales deliberately chose interior rather than exterior austerities to counteract the Religious Wars […]

Living Lent with St. Francis de Sales-Charity

A key element in our Lenten practices is almsgiving or other forms of charity. St. Francis de Sales expounds on this foundational aspect of our Christian lives. He said, ” Our Divine Master gave us His life not only to heal the sick, to work miracles, and to teach us what to do to be […]

Living Lent with St. Francis de Sales-Prayer

St. Francis de Sales educates us about another key facet of our Lenten experience, that of prayer. He meets us where we are, even though he lived 400 years ago! This is how he begins to instruct us: “But what is prayer and meditation? It seems that these words have come from another planet since […]