EWTN Interview of the Visitation Order

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. interviewed Sr. Susan Marie, Second Federation President of the Visitation Order on EWTN Live on May 9. One of the themes talked about was an understanding of the Visitation Order as a sanctuary of the Sacred Heart.

Fr. Mitch PacwaThis video is the entire show.

Read the notes of the first 30 min. of the show while watching the video.

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  1. Ruth Cassin says:

    I’ve just watched this. How good it is to put a face and voice together with the written words we’ve shared in Living Jesus Chat Room and in e-mail, Sr. Susan Marie. I am happy to learn more about the Visitation Sisters. And Fr. Mitch Pacwa’s comments about Luke 1:41 made me smile and run upstairs to get my Greek New Testament (Although my knowledge of Greek is practically limited to the alphabet used in physics, chemistry and mathematics, I just had to see the Greek word for “leaped” ): As soon as Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb skipped (like a lamb!) (ἐσκίρτησεν, I think) and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. How did Elizabeth know that Mary was pregnant with the Lord? How do we know that Jesus is present in the Holy Eucharist? He reveals Himself when our hearts meet. And they ἐσκίρτησεν.

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