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August 2012

Salesian Scholars Seminar

The 2012 Salesian Scholars Seminar will take place at DeSales Resources & Ministries, Stella Niagara, NY on October 18-21, 2012. The theme of the 2012 Seminar will be:  “Pentecost in the Salesian Tradition”–a topic that is understood in the broadest sense so as to encompass a wide range of topics (such as the foundation of […]

Holiness and Charity

In our exploration of holiness, its attributes and its perplexities, we continue with St Francis de Sales’ explanations of virtues and their relation to LOVE. St Francis de Sales wrote, “There are some virtues which by reason of their natural alliance and correspondence with charity are also much more capable of receiving the precious influence […]

Holiness and St. Francis de Sales

Sunday night’s chat evolved into a very interesting discussion about holiness, especially as evidenced in saints, and common virtues that sometimes seem to be opposed by that very sanctity. When does God’s manifest will supercede an act of human obedience, for example? This short excerpt from St. Francis de Sales may begin to help us […]