New Video Shows the Splendor of Our Visitation Museum in France

A new five-minute video shows the exquisite beauty of some of the thousands of items on display at the Visitation Museum in Moulins France. Accompanying the close-ups of vestments, chalices, statuary and other finery is a text commentary and a Vivaldi concerto.  Click above and enjoy these religious artifacts and the heavenly realities that they represent.

The video was produced by

Also listen to the History of the Visitation Museum:

The Museum in Moulins,” by a Visitation sister from Waldron, Great Britain. (1 hr.)

2 Responses to “New Video Shows the Splendor of Our Visitation Museum in France”

  1. Carrie King says:

    Thank you for such a lovely video. I have been an avid needlepoint/tapestry worker for years, so I have a special interest in such things. The treasures of fine needlework in the museum are extraordinary!

  2. Sister Karen Mohan says:

    I appreciate being able to view the handiwork of our Sisters from a bygone era ! We share the same dedication in our different expressions. Thank you to the person who developed this video.

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