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November 2012

How Does Attentive Faith Help One Reach Perfection?

This week’s chat with Sister: Attentive faith — something held as very important by St. Francis de Sales St. Francis de Sales said, “ Attentive faith is very great and excellent, and by means of this attention reaches the highest point of perfection.” Read the short essay on our website, “Year of Faith: St. Francis de […]

Year of Faith: St Francis de Sales:Be Attentive!

St. Francis de Sales continues to guide us in the qualities of a robust faith, explaining common deficiencies in our faith life, and showing us the path to overcome these weaknesses. He wrote, ” Great faith is living, vigilant, strong and prudent. Such faith has a fifth quality- to be attentive. Attentive faith is very […]


FROM DESALES UNIVERSITY: Salesian Online – Advent Course Offerings 2012  Advent Course Enrollment Advent Course Delivery   Gifts That Matter: A Salesian Perspective on the Season of Advent This course will look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit from the perspective of the gentleman saint, Francis de Sales.Presenter:  Fr. Michael Murray, OSFS Director of the DeSales […]