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December 2012

Chatting about: New Year’s Resolutions

Chatters came from around the world Sunday night to talk about New Year’s Resolutions: the Phillipines, India and all over the USA! What are your expectations for the New Year? Comment on our Salesian Founders remarks for New Years! What are some of the ways we can help ourselves live those decisions all year through? […]

Salesian Rules of Faith

St. Francis de Sales’ teaching on faith can be summarized by his eight Rules of Faith as expressed in his work, The  Catholic Controversy. He claimed that they are certain and infallible tests of faith:   Scripture Tradition The Church Councils The Fathers The Pope Miracles Natural Reason In 2013 we will continue our posts […]

Holy Innocents

“We are keeping the Octave of the Feast of the Holy Innocents, on which day holy Church makes us read the Gospel  which describes how the Angel of the Lord told the glorious St. Joseph in a dream,that is to say when sleeping, that he must take the Child and the Mother and flee into […]