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January 2013


“When St. Monica was about to give birth to the great St. Augustine, she dedicated him by repeated acts of oblation to the Christian religion and the service of God’s glory. He testifies to this and says that “he had already tasted God’s salt within his mother’s womb.” “The story contains a great lesson, for […]

St. Francis de Sales and Suffering

WHY SUFFERING? Last Sunday’s chat left us with a question which we  will take up on Sunday January 27th’s  chat: namely WHY SUFFERING? This is a great mystery ameliorated only by the fact that Our Lord Himself suffered, and greatly. St Francis de Sales offers advice about sadness, suffering and sorrow and some of its […]

On Silence: An Intern from VisitationMN Speaks

An intern from the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis is discovering the monastic value of silence. Read about her insightful experiences here: http://www.visitationmonasteryminneapolis.org/2013/01/on-silence-thoughts-from-vip-anna-d-on-one-of-the-seven-essentials-of-monastic-life/