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February 2013

A Brief Reflection on Pope Benedict XVI

This momentous day in the history of our Church cannot go by without a brief reflection on and much promise of prayer for Pope Benedict XVI, the Cardinals and the next successor of St. Peter, by the U.S. Visitandines. We share in the prayer of our British Sisters in Waldron: Almighty & everlasting God, who […]

Papal Authority and St. Francis de Sales

These extraordinary historical times and the touching farewells of our Holy Father, as reassuring as some would like them to be, can still shake the hearts of many faithful today. We turn to St. Francis de Sales for another short segment on his profound theology of the Papacy, to strengthen our faith and keep it […]

Papal Succession & St. Francis de Sales

Contemplatives have been called upon in a special way to offer profound  prayer as the Cardinals prepare to gather in conclave to elect a Pope suceeding Pope Benedict XVI. The Visitation Order and we Visitandines can uniquely prepare by meditating on our Holy Founder’s reflections on the papal succession, as documented in his book, The Catholic […]