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April 2013

Courage in Discernment

So, you are close to making your decision about your vocation, or you have just said Yes to the Lord! Or, you have just entered upon your Formation Program and are overwhelmed by the call to holiness! Strength at first fills you, but then waves of doubt begin to tumble over your soul. What have […]

A New Community of the Visitation Sisters!

A Time to Plant  and  A Time to Grow    Whether there is a seed   in your heart just beginning to sprout or the blossoming of a flower, we invite you to                Pray,                   Share,                       experience ,   our monastic life  with us as an intimate call to love, serve and adore God […]

Sun Chat: Temptations

Sun April 28th chat: Struggling with temptation? Let St Francis de Sales help!How does St. Francis’s suggestions expand your capacity to love God and ignore temptation? : http://visitationspirit.org/2013/04/struggling-with-temptation-let-st-francis-de-sales-help/  Car: How did St Francis deal with temptation? It can be hard to figure out how to speak about temptation in general without revealing our personal foibles Sister […]