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July 2013

SECOND CANDIDATE arrives at Visitation’s NEW Community!

The Saint Jane de Chantal Gallery Community, hosted by the Georgetown Visitation Monastery, welcomed its second candidate this week and announces the joy that its First candidate will return in October to become an aspirant! The Saint Jane de Chantal Gallery Community was founded barely two months ago, on June 6, 2013. Thank you for […]

Calling Young People! Learn to Evangelize from St. Francis de Sales!

Pope Francis has challenged young people to be missionaries and go out to all the world with the Gospel. St. Francis de Sales’ own life provides the how-to! “Let us attempt to trace the portrait of the evangelizer such that Francis de Sales was in the Chablais by means of his own person. We find […]

St. Francis de Sales- Model Missionary for Youth Today!

“Pope Francis commissioned some 3 million young people to join forces and form what could be called Missionaries Without Borders. “Where does Jesus send us?” he asked World Youth Day pilgrims July 28. “There are no borders, no limits: He sends us to everyone.” (Catholic News Service, Cindy Wooten) And Saint Francis de Sales, founder […]