Brooklyn Visitation Monastery Series-Daily Life

The Visitation Monastery of Brooklyn New York has begun a short series on the daily life of a Sister, weaving in to the narrative the Spiritual Directory.

You can read about it here:

Part 2 here:

Part 3:

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  1. Mary, why don’t you visit us on the chatroom on Sunday nights and we can help you discern?
    I will see if I can find a more thorough explanation from St. Jane’s writings. It may take a little time.I think there is a book entitled “Wings of Prayer” about St Jane’s thoughts on prayer. It might be available from De Sales Resources and Ministries.

  2. Mary says:

    Dear Sister,

    Can you elaborate – maybe in a post with books, etc – on St. Jane de Chantal’s “prayer of simple unity” you mentioned on your “Day in the Life of” on your site? I’ve read a little about it but not sure how to try it or attempt it to see if this is a way of prayer for me. Other “methods” see either out of reach or not for me or confusing or have way to many “steps” to do and I seem to have to stop and read what the next step is and it disrupts my prayer! What I’ve read of St. Jane’s “prayer of simple unity” draws me but I don’t know much about it or the “how to”, etc.

    I am drawn to the Visitation Order for my vocation and am trying to discern for sure but it’s hard as there are no good spiritual directors in my area and the few that there are are either to busy, overloaded with people for spiritual direction or are not recommended (liberal habitless sisters that are pro-women priests, etc).

    Thank you so much for your help.


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