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September 2013

Sun Chat: Open Forum

Sunday Sept 29 will be open forum on chat, at 730PM est. Postings will be in hiatus until October 7th, due to MEETINGS!

St. Vincent de Paul& St. Francis de Sales

St. Vincent de Paul’s Feast Day is Friday September 27th and the Visitation Order celebrates it especially because of his friendship with St. Francis de Sales.In fact, after St. Francis de Sales entered eternity, St. Vincent became the spiritual director of St. Jane de Chantal, the foundress of the Visitation Order. St. Vincent de Paul […]

Anxiety according to St. Francis de Sales

International, national and personal circumstances in our lives often cause us to respond with anxious hearts. How can we learn to reduce this condition within ourselves? St. Francis de Sales has some advice. He said, ” This unresting anxiety is the greatest evil which can happen to the soul, sin only excepted. Just as internal […]