Chatting about: Work and Faith

Salesian Labor Day!

How does your style of work compare to that which St Francis advocates?How do you bring the Lord into your work and workplace?

How does your vocational discernment fit into your current employment?

In what ways do you show God that you trust Him as you carry out your responsibilities?

Can you cite any examples in your life when you planted the seed but God made the crop abundant?

Sister Susan Marie:  the impact of faith can be different based on the environment.

Sep 1 2013, 7:22 PM

L: I work with cancer patients which has been a huge blessing!

Sister Susan Marie: I would say Steubenville as an environment enhances every aspect of faith, and hopefully, the Monastery! But what about a secular workplace?

B (guest): Its a place where you can learn to love others, despite how they might treat you and speak to you

Sister(guest): L, I accompanied a dear friend who had a double mast done…she was pure joy in the chemo room and the nurses there were touched. Faith is so powerful…and it spreads to everyone present…

L: There are times when I can almost see the Lord walking among the beds!

Sister Susan Marie: Has everyone had that experience or is your experience of faith in the workplace different?

L: With his last few breaths; I had a patient pull me down and whisper a blessing in my ear! I tear up now remembering!

Sister (guest): A 2-way channel of grace!

Sister Susan Marie: The Lord entrusted you with a great responsibility and He helps you carry it out in such a way that you are graced from those you serve

Sister (guest): Amen to that!

L: It is my honor to serve!

Sister (guest): The children in the classroom are a blessing…we come to serve, and they bless me!

Sister Susan Marie: St Francis said : It is indeed for us to labor diligently, but it is for God to crown our labors with success.

Sister Susan Marie: It sounds like the success is in that blessing!

Sister (guest): God is good, all the time…

Guest138 (guest): Hi!  this my very first time in a chat room. I missed all of the conversation. So I’ll try again at another time.As for the work situation here in the monastery and in the school I am more of a learner than ever in all areas. They teach me more than I can ever hope to teach them. It seems that I am a student for life.

L: I think we all are

Sometimes it can be hard though to find God in the midst of pain

Sister (guest): Oh, yes..

Sister Susan Marie: Mother Theresa used to say- that’s when Our Crucified Lord is kissing you

L: We have a patient who is leaving behind 2 small children and I struggle with that! She is so sweet!

Sister (guest): Or giving you a rose…

L: I like that!

Sister(guest): It is hard to watch the effect on the family…

L:She always smiles though and remembers little things about you!

Sister (guest): It sounds like L, you collect the smiles and your faith passes them along.

L: Thank you Sister.

its very painful

Sister Susan Marie: In that situation, how do you and the suffering patient share your trust in God?

Sister Susan Marie: That must be a great challenge for some

L: I have to trust there is a bigger picture here than what I see.

She seems to trust easier than I do that way!

Sister Susan Marie: The grace that is flowing through her soul is special for her situation and point of life I imagine

L: Yes I would imagine so

That grace touches me sometime

Sister Susan Marie: There are different ways of looking at the thought of an “abundant crop” A grace-filled passing to eternity is one form of abundance I think

Sister Susan Marie: There are different ways of looking at the thought of an “abundant crop” A grace-filled passing to eternity is one form of abundance I think

L: Yes, I think I understand that

Sister Susan Marie: In the classroom with young children we usually think of ourselves as planting a seed. But the Lord can bring even young children to abundance quickly

Sister Susan Marie: Like the children of Fatima

L: I just watched The 13th Day

Sister (guest): So did our Community!

Wonderful movie…

Sep 1 2013, 7:47 PM

L: yes it was amazing

Sister Susan Marie: There are times when planting a seed is almost an invisible action.

Sister Susan Marie: I think that’s when “works” might play a stronger part, esp with “unbelievers”

Sister Susan Marie: I was thinking about a person who has no faith, or rejected faith but still can appreciate helping others and other good examples like that- how other than sheer grace does that person move toward faith

Sister(guest): Sister Susan…God alone can move mountains, so there is always hope!

Sep 1 2013, 7:57 PM

B (guest): that is so true Sr Synthia.

L: I like what St.Francis of Assisi said about always preaching the gospel and if necessary; use words! I try to remember that!

Sister (guest): Faith in the workplace!

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