“Dare to Say Your Faith Today”

This past summer, a Salesian Week was held in the Basilica of Annecy France with its  theme corresponding to the Year of Faith,”Dare to say Your Faith Today”  and with special focus on St Francis de Sales and St Jane de Chantal.

The Bishop of Annecy, successor to St Francis himself,  Bishop Yves Boivineau, introduced the attendees to this week in his welcome, emphasizing  that St. Francis de Sales taught us that faith is born by listening to the Word of God.

He also quoted our Holy Father, Pope Francis in the encyclical, the Light of Faith (#37)“The word, once accepted, becomes a response, a confession of faith, which spreads to others and invites them to believe.”

“In a context where we can make faith a private affair,” said the Bishop,” the right of the Christian to speak on the behalf of his faith is challenged.

Yet it is in the very nature of faith to be contagious, to be as a missionary What better gift can we give to someone whom we love than to share our joy of knowing Christ? We ask our Lord for audacity and courage  to be what we became by baptism:  disciples of Jesus

We know our fears, our sins , our foibles  but the Mercy of God  is much stronger than our frailties.”

Source: Oser dire sa Foi aujourd’hui; Basilica of Annecy, 2013

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