Free Ebook Helps Vocation Directors

Download the free book: Straightening the Wayward Path: Online Chats About Discernment
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Vocation directors can now be helped in their work with a new ebook that shows the most inmost desires and thoughts of discerners to religious life.

Our new ebook on discernment is called, Straightening the Wayward Path: Online Chats About Discernment.

The ebook draws on discussions from our online chat room, The Living Jesus Chat Room. It is directed toward vocations to the contemplative as well as to the active religious life. There are many download format options.


1. Chatting about Discovering God’s Will

2. Chatting about Discerning Your Vocation

3. Chatting about Discernment and Signs

4. Chatting about Discerning a Religious Community

5. Chatting about Responses to Your Discernment

6. Chatting about Cell Phones and Monastic Life

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  1. Neda Meinradt says:

    I can’t wait to read the book. The Visitationists are wonderful.

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