May Reflections of the Guard of Honor

“The spirit of Christianity : What is a Christian if another Christ? When looking closely at the spirit  blowing through  souls , we quickly realized that if He did did not push them in this direction , all would conspire to deter their baptism in the true spirit of Christianity.

We see the development of ideas of independence , vanity , pride . Disordered passions agitate our heart , we love everything and we love above all things those contrary to the law of Christianity : “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart ” a primordial law accomplished by Jesus from the moment of Hos incarnation. We also exult and flatter the body and flesh, we give meaning to our full freedom , we live in a constant state of sin, we no longer know how to brake in all environmental disorders … and we call ourselves Christians ! Submission seems like slavery , yet , as our Savior, we must go through this path.
Let’s take a serious and honest look at ourselves and ask ourselves if the Spirit of Jesus truly reigns in our heart , in our bodies, in a word, if He dominates and rules our lives ! If so we will welcome all events by which Providence  purifies us , shapes us into the likeness of our Lord . They are the rare sensible souls animated by the true spirit of Christianity who keep in all things asking each hour of the day , every decision, what would Our Lord think and do? If all  were asking this question, not only  correctness , security , peace and true happiness would come here below but we would receive the reward for all our efforts and have remained basically Christian ! ”

Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud VHM

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