St. Francis de Sales and Our Lady

St. Francis de Sales had a deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was through praying the Memorare to her, kneeling before a statue of  Our Lady of Kind Deliverance, that he was freed from a serious and debilitating temptation as a young man.

During the month of May we will share excerpts from his many sermons about the Blessed Mother.

As the Feast of the Visitation is celebrated at the end of the month, May 31st, some thoughts of St. Francis de Sales from his sermon on that day are appropriate and timely.

He said, ” Our Lord established three unions in the sacred Virgin Our Lady…The first is that of the Divine Nature with the human nature in her sacred womb, which is so elevated a mystery.

The second union which He effected in Our Lady was that of maternity with virginity,  a union which is absolutely outside the course of nature, for it unites two things which it is impossible to find together in nature.

The third union is that of a very exalted charity and a very profound humility.

What is the visitation of Our Lady to Elizabeth if not a meeting of humility and charity? As soon as she saw herself Mother of God,she humbled herself by immediately setting out on the road to go and assist her cousin Elizabeth.”

Source: St Francis de Sales Sermon for July 2, 1621

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