Sun chat May 4th: The Blessed Mother

Mary, the “Lowly Servant”, is Pleasing to the Father

Happy month of Mary! The practice of this specific month of Marian devotion and May crowning is believed to have been practiced since the 17th century, although devotion to the Blessed Mother began with the early Christians.

Like all great saints, St. Francis de Sales, had his own devotion to Mary, writing about the Queen of Heaven in many sermons. One excerpt reads:

“Our Lord established three unions in the sacred Virgin Our Lady…The first is that of the Divine Nature with the human nature in her sacred womb, which is so elevated a mystery.

The second union which He effected in Our Lady was that of maternity with virginity, a union which is absolutely outside the course of nature, for it unites two things which it is impossible to find together in nature.

The third union is that of a very exalted charity and a very profound humility.

What is the visitation of Our Lady to Elizabeth if not a meeting of humility and charity? As soon as she saw herself Mother of God,she humbled herself by immediately setting out on the road to go and assist her cousin Elizabeth.”

Despite her role as Mother of God, Mary sets the example of perfect humility and service by caring for Elizabeth. She prays in the Magnificat, “[the Lord] has looked with favor on his lowly servant.” Yet it has pleased God to lift this “lowly servant” to become the Queen of Heaven!

To prepare for Sunday’s chat, please read our article, “St. Francis de Sales and Our Lady”.

In our Living Jesus Chat Room this Sunday, we will discuss these points:

  • At the Visitation, Elizabeth greets Mary, as “Mother of my Lord” and “Blessed are you among women!” Why did God choose to reveal Mary’s motherhood of the Savior to Elizabeth?
  • Mary has many roles and titles: Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Mother of Humanity, Refuge of Sinners. Do these roles complement or contradict each other? How so?
  • What are some forms of Marian devotion which we can practice in May?

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