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August 2014

St Francis de Sales on St Louis

Today is the Feast of St. Louis. Our Founder, St Francis de Sales, said of him, S. Louis, a monarch unrivalled in time of peace or war, who was most diligent in the administration of justice and in ruling his country, nevertheless was wont to hear two masses daily, to say vespers and compline with […]

Chatting about: Gentleness in a Violent World

Sister Susan Marie: St Francis is a good model for our increasingly violent world Aug 24 2014, 7:19 PM Sister Susan Marie: Several years ago the Visitation Srs has a motto- a gentle presence in a violent world Sister Susan Marie: But St Francis gentleness was not weakness, no, we speak of it as a […]

Salesian Week Begins!

Salesian week: The joy of the Gospel August 24, 2014 A week to  pray and reflect with St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, to be held at the Church of the Visitation of Annecy, France.  Every day, a Mass is offered at 6:30PM  with a homily on a specific theme developed by […]