Sept Reflections for the Guard of Honor

Dear Friends,

September is synonymous with back … it means new facilities and new academic challenges for many young, professional constraints for others, complicated organizations to juggle a multitude of activities … even the volunteers are no exception with the development of their agenda! Sr Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud had a “recipe” of her own for a good management of the schedule:

“The good schedule, “Nothing valuable as time … however nothing that is abused more easily! Time, what is it except the currency that allows us to negotiate our future eternal happiness ? And yes, time is given to us with this single goal! This happiness you have to buy by meritorious acts.

Imagine a benefactor who, every morning, puts liberally available twenty four gold coins. You are totally free to be sowing it under your feet, or using them to increase your wealth … This is the twenty-four hours of your day: you can devote to the uselessness, the vain agitations, the artificial gadgets, idleness, laziness … or the devotion to good deeds, to seriously fulfill your obligations and your duty of state. In short, in a word, you are free to ruin or enrich yourself spiritually because, alas, time is wasted forever.

Dear Guards of Honor, choose your activities with gravity, leave alone those that are superficial and instead, be sure to use every bit of your time to do others good … Whenever some actions are there for you to decide, ask the lights of the Holy Spirit to know if your companions are really helpful in your spiritual progress … Remember there is time to get to Heaven … or it is misused, lost forever !
“(Sr Bernaud)

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