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September 2014

Visitation Nuns of ANNECY have new website!

The Holy Source of the Visitation Order, our Monastery of Annecy, France, is much beloved by all Visitandines. Here is the new website for the community: http://www.diocese-annecy.fr/rubriques/haut/haute-savoie/visitation

Visitation Nuns of Rosolini & the Sacred Heart

This week is very special for the Visitation Sisters of Rosolini, Sicily, Italy as the entire city celebrates the Sacred Heart emanating from the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart. We have shared much about the principal people called by the Lord to institute these commemorations; Mother Carmela Aprile, Sister Serafina, the film maker Roberto Garay […]

St Francis de Sales on St Michael Archangel

“When the unhappy troop of diabolic spirits, revolting from their Creator, essayed to draw to their faction the holy company of the blessed spirits, the glorious S. Michael, animating his comrades to the fidelity which they owed to their God, cried with loud voice (but in angelic sort) through the heavenly Jerusalem: “Who is like […]