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September 2014

Monastic Visitors

Over the years many fascinating persons have visited Monasteries. As the Brooklyn Visitation Monastery prepares for its 159th anniversary of foundation on September 24th, the Sisters have reviewed their community history, discovering some prominent religious and clergy who have enhanced their lives. One renowned Visitor was His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons, who visited the Monastery […]

Vanity in the Convent?

Traditionally, why were mirrors not available in Monasteries? Was it possible that vanity was a fault among some religious? How do you cope with the temptation to vanity? Jesuit Father Jean Pierre de Caussade addressed this issue with a Visitation Nun centuries ago and had some good advice that even applies today. He said to […]

Chatting about: Hope, the Eucharist, the Cross

How does your heart resonate with this approach in these tremulous times? 2.How have you put too much hope in yourself and your talents instead of into God? 3.What are the ways that you struggle to hope in God? What are the ways that help you hope in God? 4.Do you think saints like Saint […]