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September 2014

St. Francis de Sales as a Student

As contemporary students return to classes, what can they learn from a model pupil, St. Francis de Sales? Fr Andre Ravier, in his book, St. Francis de Sales, Sage and Saint, devotes some chapters to the saint’s student days, from early childhood through higher education. He illustrates a young boy and man who took his […]

Temptations & Prayer – Spiritual Advice

Looking for a Spiritual Director? Having difficulty finding one? Why not turn to a profound guide- Jesuit Father Jean Pierre de Caussade, who guided many Visitation Sisters and wrote deeply spiritual letters about the interior life to them? We will post and chat about common concerns of the spiritual life, using Fr. de Caussade’s letters […]

Chatting about: Perseverance in the Spiritual Life

Do you think that critical comments of others is a great deterrent to the devout life? How? Where do these criticisms come from in your life? From friends? Those who have authority over you? The media? Who are these worldly friends that St. Francis speaks of? Do you have any of them? Should you? What […]