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October 2014

Visitandine Response to Epidemics

In the light of the current and serious concern of ebola and other viruses, it seemed wise to look to the heroines of our Visitation order who faced plagues in the past, especially our Foundress, St. Jane de Chantal. Visitation Nuns were outstanding in their response to the Plague of 1628; in their prayers and […]

Message of Christ’s Heart- Oct 16, Feast of St Margaret Mary

Has the world forgotten about God? What is important in life? The next government scandal? Our favorite movie idol? Or is it heaven, our Creator, and Jesus Christ, who is the source of all love? How can anyone be so unconcerned? In fact, Jesus mourns the world’s indifference, coldness and thanklessness. Appearing to St. Margaret Mary […]

Chatting about: Synod on the Family

• How do you think marriage and religious life are similar? How different?• St. Francis de Sales speaks about the mutual love of turtle doves. How is married love different than the the “love” that animals share?• St. Francis quotes Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the Church.” What does […]