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November 2014

Chatting about: Intercessory Prayer

 How can we regain the importance and power of intercessory prayer? How do we emphasize the importance of intercessory prayer amidst a world that measures everything with scientific scrutiny and certainty? Like Elijah from the quote, how can we allow our presence (our very selves) to become a prayer? Pope Francis equates intercessory prayer with […]

Vow Prep- Hope and Poverty

In his Renovation of Vow retreat to the Visitandines of New York, The late Fr. John Conmy OSFS had this to say about the virtue of hope and its connection to the vow of poverty: “The vow of poverty helps me to grow in this virtue of hope, in this sinking of my life in […]

Preparation for Vows- You have been a saint!

Do you believe that? You have been a saint! When? At the time of your baptism! and perhaps, momentarily at other times, for example, your religious Profession. According to the late Father John Conmy, OSFS, in his retreat to the Visitation Sisters of New York, he stated that sanctity is within the reach of everyone- […]