Feb Guard of Honor-Preparation for Lent

During the month of February, we enter the Lenten season. This time can be an opportunity for everyone to focus on the essentials.
Sr-Marie-Bernaud-132x150To help, here is the advice of our Guard of Honor Founder, Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart Bernaud

“I do not think … I do not have the time … I am assailed by a thousand distractions during this exercise …” Often a host of objections beset many Christian souls when it comes to the exercise of Godliness yet which is highly recommended to raise our spiritual life to new heights.
“I do not know how to meditate”: do we need to study and  to predict everything and fix everything as best as we can for our personal interests? No, so why would we not place ourselves humbly before the Lord to negotiate the interests of our soul? God stands at the door to help us as long as we take a moment to consult, to implore his Relief or simply converse with Him.
“I do not have time to devote to meditation” No doubt, but our time is so overgrown  with a  thousand occupations that  can it really be  impossible to steal a few minutes for the Lord? Yet if we examine our  day we always find time to devote ourselves to small  superfluous nothings!
“I am beset with distractions, all my concerns fall on me as soon as I try to meditate … etc” Instead of using our strength to fight against these intrusive thoughts, introduce them  to the Lord and ask him his advice; talk to the Heavenly Father as children naturally confide in their father. Temptations will turn into blessings.
But please, take the strong resolution to try at least a few minutes of meditation each day. “The earth is full of misery because nobody prays in his heart,” do not have the number of such inconsequential thoughts as people bent towards the ground without thinking of their eternal destinies. For us, honor guards, have this filial confidence to deal frankly with the Lord lovingly and converse with Him! This month, let us resolve to arrange our lives so that we do not spend a single day without making a short but fervent meditation. God is always ready to listen to us, does not He find hearts always ready to talk to Him? (Sr Bernaud)

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