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January 2015

St. Francis de Sales Speaks to POSTULANTS

As we continue our Series on St Francis de Sales’ perspectives on religious life, we hope his thoughts on the postulancy help new members in any congregation: “You tell me, my Mother, that our sisters the Postulants are full of good-will, but that they are wanting in strength to do what they wish to do,and […]

More on Community Spirit

St Francis de Sales also wrote: “Most happy indeed is he who has no other will than that of the Community, and who each day takes as he requires, from the common stock. This is how we should understand that sacred saying of Our Lord : * Be not solicitous for to-morrow ; it refers […]

Community or Common Life per St Francis de Sales

As we continue to quote St Francis de Sales’ perspective on religious life in Part 3 of this series, we suggest you pay close attention to this segment from his Spiritual Conferences, Chapter 13. Many individuals in discernment seek community life, but do they really understand what it means? Let St Francis share some of […]