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August 2015

Recap: Conferences and Homilies of Salesian Week

For your convenience, these homilies and conferences, in French, are listed courtesy of our Visitation Community in Annecy and the broadcasters RCF: Conférences de la Semaine Conferences of the Week   Lundi 24 août – Père André Chatenoud, psfs : Vie chrétienne : une porte et un chemin Mon Aug 24: Christian Life: A Door […]

Loving Behavior: Guard of Honor Reflections for Sept.

The acts of love There is nothing more glorious for God, nothing is more profitable for us to often produce acts of Love! Nothing is  more consoling especially for Jesus because He is Love Itself! St Augustine said: “Love and do what you want! “In fact, Love is the summary of all laws, the summit […]

Chatting about: Traditions and the Present Moment

We’ll be talking about traditions and the present moment this ; here are some questions to prepare you for the discussion. At first glance, the two topics of “traditions” and the “present moment” might not seem to fit together or correlate. Using the above reflection as a guide, how would you explain the correlation between […]