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September 2015

Christian Energy; Reflections of Guard of Honor-Oct

Dear friends, October promises to be rich in events for all Catholics: The Synod of families and the canonization of the Martin spouses! Christian energy If any time  supernatural energy was required to live as perfect Christians and obtain salvation, no one disagrees that nowadays, this spiritual valor no longer is imposed imperiously but is […]

Chatting about: Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

We’ll be talking about stepping out of our comfort zone this Sunday; here are some questions to prepare you for the discussion. This classic image of Our Lady’s selflessness exemplifies the Christian life: we are to freely give that what we have freely received. Faith is not a private affair. How can we step out […]

Museum about Mother Carmela Aprile Planned

This just in: Rosolini, Today the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus  fundraising began for the creation of the museum dedicated to “Mother Carmela” Preparations are underway for the annual celebration of the “Sacred Heart of Jesus” in the premises of the shrine of the Sacred Heart  that bears her name as Foundress, which […]