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October 2015

National Vocation Awareness Week Nov 1-7

The Visitation Sisters invite you to consider a Vocation to our monastic way of life, and during this week you might find it helpful to post your questions in our chatroom here: http://visitationspirit.org/living-jesus-chat-room/ Just sign in as a guest and post your question! We will reply to them in the chat room or with a […]

The Month of November and All Souls- From the Guard of Honor

” We are passing ! “ “Yes, we pass, and quickly, without stopping in this land of exile. We are only passers-by .Faith and reason illuminate this truth cloudlessly:  out of the bosom of God, we are heading for Him and returning! This is indisputable, inevitable! Whether one thinks of it or forgets, it does […]

All Saints Day- Chatting about our Family in Heaven

All Saints Day Reminds Us of Our Family in Heaven Live+Jesus       On Sunday we will chat about our heavenly family. With the Solemnity of All Saints Day approaching this Sunday, it will be good for us to visit this heavenly family of ours and share how they inspire and support our lives. […]