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February 2016

Chatting about: Purification

Most of us are not called in radical and profound ways, but instead most of us are called by God in a gradual way. How can we focus our spiritual life on living by this slow and steady growth? What is something that you can start doing to help yourself achieve this “ordinary purification”? If […]

The Image of Merciful Love

In 1912, without possessing special knowledge of painting Sister Marie Teresa Desandais, Visitandine, painted the first image of the painting of ‘”merciful love” ,  Jesus crucified, his eyes turned to the sky and in the background a large Sacred Host with “IHS”;  from the Heart of Jesus some rays flow out that illuminate a Bible at […]

Conferences in celebration: 400 years of the Publication of Treatise on the Love of God

400 years of the publication of the Treatise on the Love of God [Arch. dep. Haute-Savoie 1 J 2772] Arch. dep. Haute-Savoie 1 J 2772 in FRANCE   The direction of the Departmental Archives of Haute-Savoie offers a series of conferences “around the book, reading and society in Northern Savoy in the seventeenth century”, on […]