Divine Mercy Sunday

The Sunday after Easter has been designated as Divine Mercy Sunday and we recall the powerful experiences that St. Faustina recorded in her diary regarding the ineffable Mercy of God.

Another Sister, Visitandine Sr Marie Therese Desandais, a contemporary of St Faustina, was also missioned to spread the devotion to Mercy.

Manizales, Colombia (1)Our Visitation Sisters of Manizales Colombia, have published a book to make this Visitation Sister and her message more widely known.

Apóstol del Amor Misericordioso

Hermanas de la visitación Manizales

De Sales, Hermana María (Compilador)

ISBN: 978-958-99420-1-7
editorial: Hermanas de la Visitación Manizales

año de edición: 2013-05-30
idioma: Español

The Sisters of the Visitation of Manizales, with spiritual joy, aim to publicize and disseminate the spiritual and mystical testimony of Mother Mary Teresa Desandais, an apostle of Merciful Love. A Religious of the Visitation, favored by the grace of God, with revelations AND EXPRESSIONS OF the ADORABLE Heart of Jesus “pierced for our offenses,” is a source of Divine Mercy. She expresses in her talks and writings confidence in the infinite Mercy of God revealed in Jesus Christ the Redeemer. God redeemed the world by love.  From the Cross as a gibbet, it became an altar and pain was ennobled, deified, as the condescension of the Divine Mercy for the redemption of mankind. Therefore God, our Father expresses this best in the heart of his beloved Son. From this contemplation, Mother Mary Teresa Desandais, made of her life a permanent offering to “merciful love of God” . These lessons that stimulate, increase and strengthen the Faith and Charity in living every day.

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