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March 2016

Our Savior’s Resurrection

Our Savior Rose From the Tomb by His Own Power     Due to the most solemn feast of Our Lord’s Resurrection, we will not be having a hosted chat this Sunday (March 27). Instead, we offer you a simple reflection from Sr. Francis de Sales about the Resurrection to help you enter more deeply […]

Mother Ponnet on Abandonment

Our Lord Jesus Christ taught complete abandonment to the Father when He was on the Cross. This Holy Week we will once again hear His cry “My God, My God, why Have You abandoned Me?” Visitandine Mother Ponnet sheds light on this act of abandonment for our religious charism. She wrote: “God is no respecter […]

Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the Treatise: Mary and the Passion

Book 7, Chapter 14,Treatise on the Love of God: “In the sacred Virgin, everything favored and seconded the course of heavenly love; its progress and increase were incomparably greater than in all other creatures, yet a progress infinitely sweet, peaceful and tranquil. No, she swooned not away, either with love or with compassion, by the […]