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March 2016

Chatting about: Introduction to Devout Life Ch 8-Temptation

Remember, the meditations that follow this reflection will come in our next installments of newsletters/chat topics. Until then, what do you think some of the topics will be that St. Francis de Sales feels are necessary to be meditated upon in order to help us uproot sin from our lives? Why do you think it […]

St. Francis de Sales Homily for Palm Sunday

From March 20, 1622 Humility and Obedience       Everything in the world has two faces, because everything has two principles. The first is God, the first cause of everything that exists. The second is the nothingness from which everything has been drawn. Now, since God is the first principle of every being, there is […]

From Georgetown: Birthday Testimonials to Sister Mary Berchmans

Watch this great video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhYNtbhL16Y